Writing Tips and Tricks

VaticanA repository of all things grammatical that I have picked up over the years or have come across in recent times:

Another Unfortunate Headline (and one of the more potentially racist ones out there) (September 9, 2015)
MILF Hands Over Arms (June 16, 2015)
Taking the ‘-stan’ out of ‘Albertastan’
(May 10, 2015)
Caveat Tweeter: The Subconscious is always Lurking
(April 27, 2015)
Preposition Propping-up of Pro-Eating Disorders
Stick to Chocolate and Beer
Poorly Conceived Headline

Punctuation Humour: Stop Clubbing, Baby Seals

Missionary Positions (not always appropriate)

Family Brings People Down (Is It Thanksgiving Already?)

Burglar Enters Basement Through Lady (Another Dangling Modifier)

The Failure of 8 Year-Olds (aka, Dangling Modifiers)

Spelt vs. Spelled: Duking it out in the Dictionary

Bi- vs. Semi-
Minute Taking: A Trifle Theory
Consistency in Writing: Proper Nouns
Stand Me (minutes) to the End of Time
Hook, Line, and Sink
Consistency in Style
Grant Writing: Dividing Paragraphs and Lists Makes Mathematical Sense
Capitalization: A Strong Opinion

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