My Mother’s Musings

California Road TripCalifornia, winery, grapes, wine grapes

March 24, 2015 to April 20, 2015

Introduction: My parents are driving down to Palm Springs for my uncle’s 70th birthday, and have taken the liberty of expanding the trip into a wine and craft beer tour in order to help my brother source some potential new beers and wines for his store in Calgary, Point McKay Wine. My parents are, of course, Very Sad that they have to do this Difficult Work, and are taking one for the team.

My mother is sending back the occasional email update, and I have received her blessing to share her whimsical reflections on the trip.

Part 1 Redding
Part 1.5 Meanderings from Eugene to Palm Desert
Part 2 Palm Springs and Palm Desert
Part 3 Atascadero and Driving
Part 4 California Drought
Part 5 Hotels
Part 6 Breakfast
Part 7 California Signs
Part 8 Discrete Tornadoes


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