And the Oscar for Best Actor Goes to….Donald Trump

simpsonstrumpFor his stunning performance during the 2016 US presidential election. Trump’s mesmerizing performance stunned critics and kept audiences at the edge of their seats, not knowing what drama each consecutive scene would bring. Trump played the part candidly, reaching into the depths of his psyche and drawing on his life experience that showcases his der Wille zur Macht¬†– his will to power. His co-star, Hillary Clinton, provided a perfect foil to Trump’s performance, providing ample opportunity for Trump to showcase his uncanny ability to play the buffoon, the bigot, the misogynist, the tycoon, the spoiled brat, the one-percent superhero, the brash loudmouth, the unscripted candidate, the Republican nominee, the bane of Hillary Clinton’s existence for the past year, and the media’s antichrist. Lon Chaney, the man of a thousand faces, could not have had more characters on the go than Trump 2016. Congratulations, Mr. Trump.

* * *

Or so we hope it was all just a performance.

I’ve had many a conversation with friends and strangers about the success of Donald Trump in winning the 2016 US presidential election. I predicted this outcome from the get-go, as the media sorely underestimated the disgruntlement of the American public with the established political system. Not only should have Brexit been a harbinger of things to come for the United States, but the rise in nationalist parties in Europe over the past decade. There is something terribly ill in society if a presidential candidate fuels their candidacy on populist rhetoric that belongs in the nineteenth century, not in the twenty-first. Both the Republican and Democrat parties should have a good long study of the current pulse of American society, and then regroup in four years, but that is for another blog.

The will of the people is shown, through a transparent and honest democratic process. Whatever one may think of Trump, those thoughts, should they be negative, should be put aside, and the man be given a chance to actually lead. I’d like to give him the benefit of the doubt that his deplorable campaign was run in the manner in which it had been, that is to say that every other day seemed to bring it and its candidate to a new low, purely to get votes. And that behind all the horrible statements made by, and revelations made about, Trump, there lies a rational and intelligent individual who does actually care for his country and all of its people. He needs to be given a chance.

I’ve had people argue with me that they owe him nothing, because his actions and words during the past year and a half have been so despicable. But then those individuals are as close-minded as the millions of “deplorables” who voted Trump in (please note that I do not actually think anyone who exercises their democratic right to vote is ‘deplorable;’ I use this word facetiously, as so many Clinton-anti-Trump supporters seem to actually think that Trump’s only supporters white supremacists).

I might not be Trump’s biggest fan, or a fan at all, but I do think he may yet prove himself. I have to hope this at least, because he’s in it for the long haul, whether you like it or not. Rather than moping about how terrible it is that Trump is going to be the next president of the United States of America, please keep an open mind and see what he’ll do in the first few months of his presidency. It already sounds like he’s back peddling on removing Obamacare and the great wall of Mexico, so lets hope that he back peddles on so many of his populist ideas that he spouted in recent months. You have to hope, and if he does end up being as horrible and ignorant as he was during the campaign, then the US can vote him out in the next election. Also, keep in mind that because he is such a polarizing figure at the moment, that the scrutiny under which he will be living the next four years will not just be at the microscopic level, but at the subatomic.

And there is one positive: hopefully four years of Alec Baldwin as Trump on SNL.

Unfortunate Choice of Words or Purposefully Punny?

In a fit of protest against Donald Trump, a statue of the Republican presidential candidate, in his best birthday suit, was placed in New York City’s Union Square, to which the New York City parks department spokesperson noted:

“NYC Parks stands firmly against any unpermitted erection in city parks, no matter how small.”

And here I thought the residents of the Big Apple were ardent Trump supporters. I just wish that they had kept the statue up longer so that the pigeons had a chance to roost on his shoulders and demonstrate their two cents. 

Emasculated Society Seeks Strong Man


Full Text (as the whole thing wouldn’t fit as nicely on to the graphic)

30-something SWM seeks silver fox for fun times in a short 4 year relationship (open to another 4 years if things work out). Looking for someone who is a narcissist and a bully, and can pay for my tuition in return for favours. Me: quiet when alone in public and loud in large groups (I love a good mob); am openly tolerant but secretly would like the old system back. You: be a bit misogynistic, given to grandiose hyperboles, and very self-assured. Likes: cars, 2nd Amendment, God (ok if you don’t go to church but important that you believe), outdoors, military, big parties, red carpet events, Hollywood walk of shame. I like things a bit rough; you can put me in my place (I love a strong man) but do it with a bit of class and a slap on the ass.¬† First date: reality tv rally (we can go for coffee if things work out).Advocate staff photo by John McCusker


Inadvertent Street Cred to Trump

Donald TrumpI thought myself very clever the other day, as I thought that the rise in temperatures this year, allegedly making 2015 the hottest on record, coincided with the hot air being spewed by Donald Trump this year, during his campaign for the mastery of the Republican party. I’m sure lots of other people have drawn the same analogy.

It’s been interesting reading the myriad assortment of opinions about Trump’s recent comments about proposing to ban all Muslims from entering the United States. This proposal is just another populist statement that, unfortunately, echoes a minority percentage of American sentiment on the matter. The minority, is still several million, by all accounts, but it is still a minority (for more info, see this study from Brookings). This statement is a perfect example of Trump’s rhetoric: he grabs onto populist notions that delve deep into the American psyche with the affinity of a leech for blood, and nary a cigarette will burn him off his prey.

His sycophants love him. Of course they would: he seemingly validates their deep dark secret thoughts that are only spoken of in like-minded company or not at all, because these opinions are often neither constitutional, respectful, or thoughtful. These opinions are formed in ignorance of the unknown, without caring to seek out truth or understanding. Trump is drawn to these kinds of fringe ideas like a fly to, well, you know what.

Any educated individual knows to dismiss Trump’s rants as hot air, and certainly leaders around the globe, no less, and journalists aplenty are all up in arms at how someone in a position of power – in which Trump certainly is – can spout such gibberish and still get away with it. Certainly Trump is not representative of the American people. Obama is right now, thankfully. And I really hope that Trump never advances past the primaries.

The problem is that the media keeps covering the drivel shoveled out by Trump. By giving him air time, all the media is doing is serving Trump’s interests in stirring up the voting population, in polarizing voters, and in getting mentioned more often than other candidates. It’s a calculated move to keep his name in people’s minds. I’d hazard a guess that Trump pulls doozies out the back pocket every time he seems to be slipping in the polls in order to try to make some additional percentage points with fence-sitting voters who harbour dark thoughts.

The best way to keep Trump down is to not pander to his interests and to not give him the air time, let alone the time of day. It would be best to just stop covering him and his campaign any more than is allocated to any other candidate, and, when he does spout of something that is so profoundly anti-American in its sentiment as to potentially escalate a conflict somewhere else in the world, then don’t report out on it, or perhaps just give it the smallest mention possible, so that he fades into the background like he should.

He is not a serious presidential candidate, nor should he ever have been provide the opportunity to become one via leadership of the GOP. However, because we all live in a democratic society, we have to take the good and the bad, and even halfwits are given the opportunity to grandstand; I have to respect that.

What I do encourage, however, is for the media to stop providing credibility to Trump by reducing their coverage of him and his antics, and let the serious candidates go about their business of formulating well-thought out and solid policies that will help shape America, and the rest of the world (as we are all impacted by what happens in the States), and let voters decide as such. It’s time to take back Trump’s street creds and give them to those who actually give a damn about the state of their country, and all the people within it.