Mushroom Montage

I went foraging for edible wild mushrooms in a local wilderness park and came across a plethora of mushrooms of various varieties. 

I didn’t find many edible mushrooms, and those that I did find I marinated (my first foray into marinating something).
It was a beautiful fall day to boot, so I was able to capture a golden moment in the fading afternoon sun.

Some sort of sulphur mushroom. Not edible.

Fly Agaric…of the Amanita family. Red with white dots. Is toxic and ingesting it can cause hallucinations or even death. Do not ever touch these, or any mushroom with white dots, for that matter. 

Angel Wings. Gilled shelf mushroom that grows in small colonies on rotting Douglas Fir logs that are near running water (streams, creaks etc..). Edible with a very delicate taste. I use these predominantly as filler in a dish or marinate them.

Some sort of coral mushroom. Not sure if edible so I leave these. Remember the golden rule of picking wild mushrooms: if you aren’t sure, don’t pick it!

Orange jelly. Allegedly edible but it resembles florescent snot so I don’t think I’ll be scraping this off a log and onto a plate anytime soon.

Another type of coral mushroom. It reminded me of the arms of a sea anemone.

Not sure what these are. I’m pretty sure they are not edible but the colour was such a vivid red, I had to take a picture.

Another beautiful, very dainty and delicate mushroom.

My marinated mushrooms: king boletus, angel wings, and one token chantarelle.

The kind of gold that can only be found on a crisp autumn day, in the afternoon sun.


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