Not a Nice Day

After reading the developing story on the Nice car attack this early evening,  my heart sank another notch. This attack is a reminder that the global economic woes brought on by the Brexit pale in comparison to the sudden snuffing out of life along a parade route meant to celebrate liberty, fraternity,  and equality. The dichotomy between the two themes is stark: terrorism versus democracy.

At the tone of writing this blog,  the death toll is 80 people; it was 60 when I first heard of the attack. These attacks,  and the accompanying statistics, are starting to make our safe Western nooks sound like the sickeningly prosaic reality of a Middle Eastern or African country. Do the citizens of Lebanon or Kenya see the blip of our tragedies as another day in the West brought to them by their local newscast that they can then forget by the time the sports news comes on?

I am disheartened by the ease at which this attack took place: the use of a lorry to plow through a crowd. I am greatly concerned that other lone wolves (whom I think perpetrated this attack) will follow suit in other countries. Can you imagine if it had been a semi?

I take heart that a few heroic souls attempted to stop the truck. Heroes always surface at the zero hour,  as the proverbial goes down. Other stories will surface to help us see the good of people versus the evil of one individual.

I’m just sorry that it took 80+ people to die before the attacker was killed.