Who, on Earth, is Voting for Trump

Trump FaceI suppose in a continuation of my last post, emasculated white America’s men pining for a “strong man” by which to redeem their identity, I need to further explore, as many people are doing, why there even exists an appeal in backing Trump as the next US president. I have resigned myself to the fact that there is a good chance that he will win, and that America will inherit their ‘Made in the USA’ version of Silvio Berlusconi, scandals, corruption, and all. But why?

I spoke with a friend down in the States recently, and delicately put the question to him, “who would you vote for, Clinton or Trump?”

He answered, “Trump.”

The first thing that raced through my mind, upon hearing this shocking admittance, was whether to unfriend him on Facebook (yes, I know, the latter statement is an issue up for discussion in and of itself, but for another time). The next thought was, why? So I asked him that very question.

His answer, in a nutshell, was that the Middle East is a political hot spot right now, and that the leadership (and populations there) would never sit down at the table with a woman. Honestly, that was his main reason for supporting Trump. He said that he wasn’t a fan of Trumps and, having to choose between what he perceives as the lesser of two evils, opts for Trump on the gender issue.

America, simply put, is not ready for a female president.

I find this conclusion somewhat troubling, as it seems even third world countries seem capable of putting gender differences aside when it comes to female leaders, such as Liberia’s Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. Even notoriously misogynistic societies such those found in Pakistan somehow were able to elect Benazir Bhutto. America is still years away from being able to vote in a woman into the main seat in the oval office.

I know that I’m simplifying a very complex issue, and there are very many facets to the Trump supporter, but I think at it’s core, it’s a matter of gender, unfortunately.


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