Emasculated Society Seeks Strong Man


Full Text (as the whole thing wouldn’t fit as nicely on to the graphic)

30-something SWM seeks silver fox for fun times in a short 4 year relationship (open to another 4 years if things work out). Looking for someone who is a narcissist and a bully, and can pay for my tuition in return for favours. Me: quiet when alone in public and loud in large groups (I love a good mob); am openly tolerant but secretly would like the old system back. You: be a bit misogynistic, given to grandiose hyperboles, and very self-assured. Likes: cars, 2nd Amendment, God (ok if you don’t go to church but important that you believe), outdoors, military, big parties, red carpet events, Hollywood walk of shame. I like things a bit rough; you can put me in my place (I love a strong man) but do it with a bit of class and a slap on the ass.  First date: reality tv rally (we can go for coffee if things work out).Advocate staff photo by John McCusker



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