Inadvertent Street Cred to Trump

Donald TrumpI thought myself very clever the other day, as I thought that the rise in temperatures this year, allegedly making 2015 the hottest on record, coincided with the hot air being spewed by Donald Trump this year, during his campaign for the mastery of the Republican party. I’m sure lots of other people have drawn the same analogy.

It’s been interesting reading the myriad assortment of opinions about Trump’s recent comments about proposing to ban all Muslims from entering the United States. This proposal is just another populist statement that, unfortunately, echoes a minority percentage of American sentiment on the matter. The minority, is still several million, by all accounts, but it is still a minority (for more info, see this study from Brookings). This statement is a perfect example of Trump’s rhetoric: he grabs onto populist notions that delve deep into the American psyche with the affinity of a leech for blood, and nary a cigarette will burn him off his prey.

His sycophants love him. Of course they would: he seemingly validates their deep dark secret thoughts that are only spoken of in like-minded company or not at all, because these opinions are often neither constitutional, respectful, or thoughtful. These opinions are formed in ignorance of the unknown, without caring to seek out truth or understanding. Trump is drawn to these kinds of fringe ideas like a fly to, well, you know what.

Any educated individual knows to dismiss Trump’s rants as hot air, and certainly leaders around the globe, no less, and journalists aplenty are all up in arms at how someone in a position of power – in which Trump certainly is – can spout such gibberish and still get away with it. Certainly Trump is not representative of the American people. Obama is right now, thankfully. And I really hope that Trump never advances past the primaries.

The problem is that the media keeps covering the drivel shoveled out by Trump. By giving him air time, all the media is doing is serving Trump’s interests in stirring up the voting population, in polarizing voters, and in getting mentioned more often than other candidates. It’s a calculated move to keep his name in people’s minds. I’d hazard a guess that Trump pulls doozies out the back pocket every time he seems to be slipping in the polls in order to try to make some additional percentage points with fence-sitting voters who harbour dark thoughts.

The best way to keep Trump down is to not pander to his interests and to not give him the air time, let alone the time of day. It would be best to just stop covering him and his campaign any more than is allocated to any other candidate, and, when he does spout of something that is so profoundly anti-American in its sentiment as to potentially escalate a conflict somewhere else in the world, then don’t report out on it, or perhaps just give it the smallest mention possible, so that he fades into the background like he should.

He is not a serious presidential candidate, nor should he ever have been provide the opportunity to become one via leadership of the GOP. However, because we all live in a democratic society, we have to take the good and the bad, and even halfwits are given the opportunity to grandstand; I have to respect that.

What I do encourage, however, is for the media to stop providing credibility to Trump by reducing their coverage of him and his antics, and let the serious candidates go about their business of formulating well-thought out and solid policies that will help shape America, and the rest of the world (as we are all impacted by what happens in the States), and let voters decide as such. It’s time to take back Trump’s street creds and give them to those who actually give a damn about the state of their country, and all the people within it.


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