An Urban Hike Through Vancouver

I set my heart on getting a dress at a store on the eastern fringes of Gastown, and had been meaning to go there for a few weeks. Yesterday, I had nothing better to do so decided that I’d roll in my daily exercise with the pursuit of a dress, and walk to the store. Round trip, it took my the better part of 4 hours, and just .25km shy of 20km. I live not too far from Lionsgate Bridge, so my route took me across the bridge, through Stanley Park, along the Coal Harbour portion of the Sea Wall, and into Gastown. I returned via Hastings, as far as I could go, then back along the Causeway, through Stanley Park, to Park Royal, and back home. It was a perfect day for walking, about 20 degrees, cloudy, and a nice breeze. It started to rain just as I left Park Royal, but it was warm enough and light enough not to bother me.

The following are some photos of things that I found interesting along the route, and am sharing the vignettes for your amusement (in order as they appeared along the walk):

confederate flag, Vancouver, Lionsgate Bridge

Confederate Flag Finds Safe Harbour in Vancouver



Taken from the Lionsgate Bridge, east side, north shore. The irony of the three flags, side by side, was lovely.


Canada Goose, Stanley Park

Walk like a goose


I caught this fellow goose-stepping (not in the SS sense) alongside that Canada goose. He’d stop when it stopped; start up when it would waddle its way forward. Lord only knows why, perhaps the goose made for a better walking companion than anyone else.

oil spill, Vancouver, Pride, Rainbow

Vancouver Rainbow Pride



Caught this rainbow of a different variety in Coal Harbour. Not quite the usual Vancouver pride.

comic-con, fascinator, cruise ship, Vancouver

Cruise Ship Creature At Large




I don’t usually take photos of eccentric people but this one was a comic-con candidate sans the comic-con. A daily outfit obviously, carefully put together. Loved the touch with the top hat fascinator.





Hastings, construction, facade, heritage, DTE


Hastings, construction, facade, heritage, DTE


This bit of construction caught my eye as you don’t get to see ‘old’ buildings much in Vancouver. I was appreciative of the fact that they were retaining the old facade as a nod to Vancouver’s heritage. I then caught the tail side of the same scene when I was going back home.

Vancouver, brick, back alley

Brick Alley Staple Of Every Major Metropolitan City





This could have been a back alley in London, save for the waste receptacle.




Lionsgate Bridge, Vancouver, First Narrows, tanker

Tanked Under Lionsgate



Caught a tanker going out, as I was crossing Lionsgate towards the North Shore.


Capilano River, Squamish First Nation, salmon fishing, weir

Salmon Fishing the First Nations Way: Weired and Wonderful

Capilano River, Squamish First Nation, salmon fishing, weir

Salmon Fishing the First Nations Way: Weired and Wonderful

Capilano River, Squamish First Nation, salmon fishing, weir

Salmon Fishing the First Nations Way: Weired and Wonderful (note the pool to the bottom left, used to store caught fish)








The Capilano River, and the Squamish First Nation Reserve, are right next to Park Royal. I was delighted to see a member of the band fishing on Cap, using traditional rock weirs, just liked I’d seen displayed at the Royal BC Museum when I was a child. Glad that tradition lives on!

Last, but not least, beside the weired site, was this, a very cool collection of seagulls bathing and awaiting fish bits from an caught salmon. I loved the tonality of this photo, and there is something so joyous in seeing a bird bathe.

seagulls, Capilano River

Seagulls and Sea Stones


So there you have it, an urban hike complete with wildlife (actual and urban), history (modern), tradition (aboriginal), and current issues (consider the issue flagged!).


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