Silence after Bombing Troubling

PKK, Turkey, bombing, suicide bombing, Turkish soldiers, Kurdish militantsAfter noting my theory as to the Suruc attacks in a previous post, the latest and greatest in that saga is the alleged suicide bombing by the PKK of Turkish troops near the Iranian border. The BBC article noted that the Turkish military stated that “Two Turkish soldiers have been killed and 31 wounded in a suicide attack by Kurdish PKK militants.” The article goes on to state that “There has been no comment from the PKK so far. AFP news agency said it would be the first time the group was accused of deploying a suicide bomber during recent clashes.”

The silence from the PKK seems akin to the silence from ISIS after the Suruc bombing. I an increasingly wondering whether Turkey is behind all this, just to drum up hatred against the Kurds from within the country. Perhaps the hatred was starting to die off and they needed to rekindle nationalistic fervour against the Kurds. Either way, this incident seems to be dragging Turkey closer to a dangerous brink, methinks.


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