Caveat Tweeter: The Subconscious Is Always Lurking

I came across the following tweet from @UNICEF yesterday:  #NepalEarthquake: “I think everyone is experiencing some level of shock”

They couldn’t come up with a better word than “shock?”

I suspect the fact of the aftershocks was on the writer’s mind when they wrote this tweet, but rather than making a serious statement, the tweet became the kind of pun you laugh at and then immediately regret laughing at it because of the serious situation that the tweet was attempting to highlight.

So, Caveat Tweeter (and I’m likely as guilty of the following as anybody): careful of your wording as you might inadvertently make a pun due to your subconscious picking up on key words that don’t quite fit the tweet.

**Please support the Red Cross in helping the citizens of Nepal**

Nepal earthquake, Kathmandu



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