California Road Trip: The End Result

In Summary

Please to share that my parents had a successful research trip down to California, Oregon, and Washington. They took copious tasting notes for all the wines and beers that they sacrificed to their livers, for the sake of my brother’s fine wine and craft beer store: Point McKay Wines.

The photo below is of my brother, Marek, smiling from ear to ear as, in two weeks time, my parents are doing a road trip out to Calgary to share their findings (written and liquid) with him.

Parkdale Week of April 6-April 12

From what I gathered, all the wineries in west Paso Robles were a huge hit, and the wines fantastic. My parents particularly found the customer service in the various wineries there superb, because as soon as people found out that my parents were tasting for a cause, additional wine samples were provided, and an enthusiastic reception to cultivate relationships with interested parties in Canada. I will try to get my mum to provide me a list of wineries that she would recommend visiting.

Favourite craft beer was Deschutes in Portland, both for the beer and for the atmosphere of the brewpub.

All in all, a successful wine tour and road trip down south.

Part 8


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