California Road Trip Part VIII

Discrete Tornadoes

Last night we were listening to the weather report on the news. The weatherman stated that, in the Midwest, a ” discrete ” tornado devastated a small town. Now from my limited knowledge of tornadoes there is nothing discreet about them and especially when an entire town is devastated.

I know that  Vancouver gets discrete tornadoes. They are so discrete that no one is aware that they have come and gone. Now that is being very discrete. Certainly, in Squamish, we must get very discrete tornadoes as no one has seen or felt anything approaching a tornado.

This reminds me of a poem,Fog,  by Carl Sandburg , where
” The fog comes
On little cat feet….”.

Now that is being discrete. I have read reports regarding tornadoes and the description often states the sound and the fury of such a storm not never that a tornado is so discrete that it sneaks in and out and no one noticed.

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