California Road Trip Part VI


We usually try to get a hotel that serves breakfast because, early in the morning, it is difficult to go out of the hotel to find a place that serves breakfast; we love the convenience of having breakfast at the hotel, and we are also lazy and half asleep.

The breakfast usually consists of apples, bananas, or oranges; dry cereals, muffins, and danishes. A few hotels serve bagels, toast bread, butter, cream cheese, jellies, and yogurts. These same hotels serve eggs, scrambled or hard boiled.

There are Michelin-starred chefs who have perfected the edible foam. What edible foam means is converting a perfectly good fruit, vegetable or egg, into a foam easily digested by babies and those with no teeth. Hotels have  perfected a new way of serving eggs: edible sponge. Under the name scrambled eggs, we get a sponge that has been cut up into small pieces. All the years that I have made scrambled eggs, I have never been able to make egg sponge, a rather tasteless concoction but egg yellow in colour, and of a definite sponge consistency.

As I mentioned previously, all the hotels serve a muffin or danish or sweet roll. One hotel told us that breakfast would  consist of fresh fruit, bananas, and sweet rolls. In the morning, I went to get a banana and some sweet rolls. On a tray was a row of mummified items, encased in transparent wrappings. These ancient items had not been disturbed in ages. Obviously they belonged to the owners of the hotel, since they were displayed in the most prominent place of the foyer.  I reached for one mummified roll but withdrew my hand. I wouldn’t want to be accused of stealing antiquities or holy relics.

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