California Road Trip Part V

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Usually we try to stay in one of the Marriott hotels, that is, Courtyard, Residences, and  Fairfield.

In Eugene, Oregon, we stayed in  the Courtesy motel. An old but clean and simple place, located in the downtown area. Actually, this motel had 6 brewpubs within a radius of 1 kilometer. Since our assignment from Marek was to visit wineries and breweries, this motel was ideal.

In Redding, California, we stayed at the Fairfield, the best hotel so far. Not only was the room exactly according to our wishes, no feather pillows and a fridge, but the staff was friendly, accommodating, and knowledgeable. When we asked if any brewpubs were located in the vicinity, the lady behind the counter gave us a printout with the name, address, and directions to the pub.  The manager of the hotel invited us to an evening of micro brewery beer or wine, and  a choice of two soups with a bread roll.

In Salinas, we stayed again at a Fairfield, nice and clean hotel with a friendly staff but the furniture showed its age and the carpet was a little worn.

In Palm Desert we stayed at the Marriott Residence. Of course, this town being a chic town, used to chic tourists, we expected the hotel to be chic. It was not.  As we walked to our room, we noticed the room maid in front of our room with two pillows on the floor outside the door.  She placed the pillows on the floor so she could open the door.  We walked into our room together with the maid.  She proceeded to replace two feather pillows withe the pillows that she had placed on the floor.  We noticed that there was no fridge in the room so we asked that a fridge be put inside the room.  This was done. However, in such a 3 star hotel the fridge should have been in place prior to our arrival, and certainly there should not have been any feather pillows in the room and no pillow should be placed on the floor, especially since we had booked the room 4 weeks prior to our arrival.

When I checked the bathroom, the sink had a large and obvious crack,  the ice bucket had something that looked like a large bird dropping, something found in a no star hotel.  We went out the next afternoon for the birthday party. When we came back,  our keys could not open the door. We went to the front desk and asked for help. We were told that our keys were demagnetized and that is why we could not open the door. The desk person gave us another set of keys.  We went back to our room. The second set of keys also could not open our room door. Back to the front desk. This time the lady came with us. She tried our keys, her key and finally she phoned the maintenance man who, after a few minutes, was finally able to open our door.

The next day as I went out of our room to get some water from a cooler, I noticed on the hallway floor a bag with two small bags of chips and a bottle of water.  I returned the bag to the front desk. The lady thanked me and said ” we give these bags to our special guests”.  I thought all hotel guests are special but we did not get a goody bag, therefore we were not special.

The following morning, just before we left the hotel, I went to the bathroom. On leaving, I could not open the door. With cool panic in my voice I asked dad to get me out. He could not, but he said ” don’t worry, I’ll get the maintenance man” . the maintenance man worked for 5 minutes before the door was opened, and I was released from the bathroom.

In Pasadena and Atascadero we stayed in a Best Western Plus.  Both hotels were very good and the breakfast was very tasty.

We are now in Sunnyvale in a Quality Inn. The room is clean, the pillows are synthetic, and a fridge and microwave oven are also in the room. The only complaint is the bathroom. There is no tub, only a shower stall which is so small that it is difficult to rinse the soap off our body, especially the nether regions properly. Now I have to be very discreet when I fart, in case I blow soap bubbles.

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