California Road Trip Part IV


California drought photo from NBCThe TV news keep telling the people in California that there is a major drought happening now in this wonderful and eccentric state, and politicians have picked the lovely almond as a major culprit for the water shortage.

I don’t know why this animosity towards the almond. I love eating almonds, in all its different preparations: raw, salted and roasted, hickory smoked, and salted, almond butter and, my favorite, marzipan.California almonds

The politicians tell the general population of California that the innocent almond drinks 1 gallon of water. I don’t know if they mean on a daily basis, weekly, or monthly, or even yearly. Yet, if you squeeze the almond , no juice comes out of it.

However, take the grape. Squeeze a single grape and notice the juice squirt out of it. An orange when squeezed releases a copious amount of juice. Any fruit grown in California has more water, juice, than the maligned almond.

California orangeIs there one politician who mentions the amount of water a single grape, orange , or any fruit uses in comparison to the almond?

I understand that politicians are loathe to criticize the grape, as their favorite drink is made from that fruit. They can’t say anything against the orange since a county in California is named Orange county. To disparage any other fruit in California would be political suicide since so many Californians are on a health regime that requires fruits as a staple, vegetarians who eat fruit as a major part of their diet ,and the politicians probably will have a member of their family who dared not be offended by vilifying fruits.California, winery, grapes, wine grapes

So, who will stand up and protect the orphan almond? All brave almond lovers make sure you buy almonds and support the almond growers.

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