California Road Trip Part III


We arrived in Atascadero, which is very close to Paso Robles. We are staying at a Best Western. Once we unpacked we went for luck and we hit a bar that had happy hour. This always makes us happy. When we finished eating and drinking not water, we headed towards Morro Bay. When we arrived in Morro Bay we drove towards the beach area  but it does not have a beach. It has a bay where very many yachts moor. There is a nice board walk with cute shops and many restaurants. We took a short walk as a very cold wind was blowing, so we left for our hotel.

Drivers, Driving, and Signs

This is an alert to anyone who wants to drive in California.

You know how the speed signs at the side of the road usually give you the taste of speed you should be driving? In California, these speed signs are considered decoration of the side of the road.  Drivers are very good at being blind to any number on the signs.

Most often the freeway speed is 70mph. Except for the lone Canadian driver daring to go 71, and feeling very brave, Californian drivers go 80+mph. In work zones where the speed is 55mph, with the fines for breaking the speed limit is $400.00, California driver’s average 70mph.

I think, actually I am sure, that all the road signs are nothing more than make-work projects. Groups of out of work people are given the job of making road signs. Some persons paint the 70 signs, others  the 65, and yet others the 55 signs.

Street lights are unfortunately another street decoration. We have seen so many drivers going through red lights that before we proceed on a green light we make sure no one is driving on a red light.

Left turning lanes are used as passing lanes. Left turning lanes are clearly marked with arrows but, again, nothing more than make-work projects.

My advice to anyone from Canada is to leave the driving to Californians, and to take a plane instead.

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