California Road Trip Getting from Part 1 to Part 2

My mother sent the following erroneously to another email account so it should theoretically be Part 2, and we can consider it Part 1.5.

Eugene to Palm Desert

We are in Palm Desert. We are doing this journey not only to celebrate Paul’s [my uncle’s] birthday, but to search for the holy grail of wine and beers. We are very dedicated to our mission. Eery day, after we get to our hotel and disembark from the car (which does  8-8.3 liters per 100km), we immediately head to a brew pub where we get samplers plus the only food that goes with beer, nachos.

In Eugene,Oregon, we stayed in a very mediocre hotel. Its saving feature was its proximity to 6 brewpubs. We picked the one called the Steelhead Brew Pub. Excellent beers and great T-shirt for Marek. We walked back to our hotel. The hotel offered free breakfast but, after one look at the antique bagels and danishes, we decided to eat at a bagel bakery that offered fresh items.

Next we headed towards Redding, California, with a lunch stop in Ashland, at a Mexican restaurant where O [that’s me…my Polish name is ‘Olenka’] and I had dinner the year of M’s [that’s my brother, Marek] wedding. No change to the food, very good, or to the decor, very orange.

It was so wonderful to arrive in Redding, where the sun embraced us and the warmth took us in its arms. Our hotel was a Fairfield Marriott. The manager welcomed his guests with beer and wine and soups with rolls . All this was served between 6-8pm. We partook in the beer drink ,but we still had our mission to fulfill.

So we headed to Woody’s Brew Pub started by a young man with the name Wlodarski. Polish grandparents contributed to his gene pool. We loved three out of the six in the sampler. In Nova Scotia, the samplers were the size of a thimble. In the USA, the samplers are a good healthy size so we can really get the full flavors. However they had no t-shirts smaller than xl; the x’s just kept increasing.

The next day we had a very good hotel breakfast and headed south. Salida was our destination. On the way we stopped at an olive oil tasting place in Corning. We left with a box of 6 olive oil bottles and 4 balsamic vinegars and I would have bought more but dad said”and where are we going to put the wine”. Sadly, he was right and, with a sigh, we left.

As we were driving I spotted a huge sign advertising wine tasting promoted by Gnarly Head old vine zin. We had to take the detour to the tasting. A very handsome and outstandingly personable man helped us taste some superb wines. We bought 2 bottles, although we could have bought more but “where are we going to put the bottles” ruled out any extra bottles.

I think we should rent a moving van then we can fit all the bottles we would love to buy. Next time we will drive our 4Runner. It has more capacity.

Today we drove to Palm Desert.

Part 1     Part 2

beer, nachos, Steelhead Brew Pub, Eugene, Oregon, Redding, California, Ashland, Corning, Salida, Woody's Brew Pub, Gnarly Head, Old Vine Zinfandel, Old Vine Zin


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