Mulletspotting, the distant white trash cousin to trainspotting, used to be a favourite pastime of mine when I lived in Calgary back in the day. This video clip from Jimmy Fallon, of Hugh Jackman and Jimmy sporting the ‘business in the front, and party in the back’ look just made my Sunday morning today, so I’m sharing the video and hope it gives you a bit of a smile.

I don’t know about you but mullets seem to be a rare breed these days, save on the occasional female hipster, soccer/football star, and refugee of the 1980’s, but even the latter are a dying breed.Even in small town North America, the refuge of the mullet, one is hard pressed to find the majestic coif.

My personal favourite was one spotted in the early 2000’s, in Calgary. A gentleman in a vintage mustang pulled up next to me at a traffic light, and he sported a magnificent specimen with at least a six inch ‘party’ length (is there some sort of way to equate the length of the mullet in the back to something else? just a thought), lovingly permed, that he took opportunity to carefully comb for the duration of the traffic light, with a comb kept expressly for that purpose in the car’s visor.

Have you seen a mullet lately? Send in a photo and I’ll post it below.


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