A Dialectic on the Great Pumpkin and the Quantum State*

GreatPumpkinDo you believe in the Great Pumpkin, I was asked the other day.

I do, scraggly buck-toothed grin and all, I replied. I even visit the pumpkin patch periodically. Do you?

Yes, I believe in the promises of the Great Pumpkin.

From which side of the patch are you? The one that uses traditional farming techniques, or the more radical side, whose seeds were bioengineered in Germany?

I thought that Martin Luther, that great pumpkinizer, was on to something that was agriculturally important.

I like picking pumpkins, and turning them into pies. Luther brought to light a very important issue in the patch, and helped to modernize that part of the patch that had become rather barren. Are you a German or British varietal?

I am of the proper English persuasion, and still lead a life of quiet desperation.

Pray tell.

All Englishmen lead lives of quiet desperation. Although technically I am more Scottish.

Then you are a Calvinist, and are going to the dung heap regardless. Do you visit the pumpkin patch periodically?

Yes, I do.

Do you buy into the Great Pumpkin consciousness as having created the pumpkin patch? And was the patch then left to evolve on its own or do you think that the Great Pumpkin had a direct hand in tilling the soil (and still does…)?

In the beginning there was the concept of the pumpkin patch, and the Great Pumpkin said, “Let there be laws of agriculture,” and pumpkin patches through all the words arose.

And how did those pumpkin patches come about? Are there fossilized pumpkins, proto-pumpkins, if you will?

Of course. The concept of pumpkins made in the image of the Great Pumpkin is an exceedingly complicated, yet profoundly beautiful idea. Neither time more space have any constraints on how long it will take for those pumpkins to understand the patch in which they live.

I see. I believe that voyage of patch-discovery is something that is relatively new to the patch, and that prior to that sense of Great Pumpkin-realization, it took many a geologic era for the patch to get to a point for that understanding to even remotely occur. Just for the record, I do not like canned pumpkin.

Nor I; I prefer fresh pumpkin myself.

But I still am not sure where you stand on the creation of the patch, though. Do you believe that acorn squash are related to pumpkins by common ancestry?

Yes. Don’t confuse the grand concept of the pumpkin patch and the fact that DNA is part of the plan.

There is a modicum of planning involved in the patch? I suppose that playing with an ant farm in order to see what happens to the colony is a plan of sorts.

But of course, the almanac referenced the plan of the Great Pumpkin.

I am glad to learn that you believe in the evolution of the patch. I was beginning to worry that you thought the patch was only four thousand years old or so.

By the Great Pumpkin’s stalk, who said four thousand? Our patch is at least four billion years old. The problem is that we the idea of the Great Pumpkin through a dark looking glass, and there is no way that we can see all the facts or the design, let alone know the facts or the design. It is important to believe that, somehow, although we do not know the full mechanics, we too will have the image of the Great Pumpkin.

One might argue that the ‘image’ of the Great Pumpkin is embedded within every atom. Can one even think of that consciousness in terms of physical sense though? But I suppose that is what faith is. Perhaps the better way to conceive of the Great Pumpkin is to perceive that consciousness as being a part of every energy.

Energy is the fundamental requisite of every aspect of life.

Ergo would it not be more accurate to believe that the Great Pumpkin is intrinsic to that energy more so that the likelihood that we are  created in the Great Pumpkin’s image?

But what is left when one takes away all the energy in the universe?

If all the energy in the universe were taken away, all would cease to exist.

Would it? Does consciousness require energy to exist?

Every atom vibrates with energy: that is the nature of matter. Energy is as part of matter as Laurel is to Hardy. I would argue that consciousness still needs energy. Do you not think that energy is requisite of the Great Pumpkin?

No. The Great Pumpkin exists independently of everything. Energy is merely the by-product of the Great Pumpkin think in a quantum state. As is written in the almanac: In the beginning there was the word, and the word was with the Great Pumpkin, and the word was the Great Pumpkin. Thought precedes energy; an idea precedes action. The quantum state occurred after the Great Pumpkin, and was the newly turned ground upon which the Great Pumpkin created the patch. The Great Pumpkin is the prime tiller; all else is derived from that Consciousness.

It is true that the terrain cannot be tilled until the tiller has had the impetus to till. The energy comes after the thought, and so although energy may precede matter, Consciousness precedes energy. I conceive of the pie, and then I make it.

I like pumpkin pie.*


 *This text is derived from an actual conversation with a friend, with minor embellishment to keep to the theme of the Great Pumpkin.

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