Stick to Chocolate and Beer

I’m not sure what’s worse about this BBC excerpt, that Belgium is joining the military-on-our-streets bandwagon,  or that their army is “only” 300 strong:

“Troops have been deployed across Belgium to guard potential targets of terrorist attacks, following a series of anti-terror raids and arrests.

Up to 300 soldiers will be mobilised in Brussels, Antwerp and elsewhere.

Belgium’s interior minister told the BBC that his country had to make use of all the forces at its disposal.”

This is a classic case of what I would call ‘inadvertent parallelism’ as the quantifiable fact (300 soldiers) is followed by an qualifying statement that, although entirely accurate, inadvertently suggests a link to the number in the previous statement. Thus this scenario suggests that Belgium’s armed forces consists of 300 soldiers. I always thought Belgium was a small country, but really….they should perhaps stick to their proverbial.




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