A Wee Bit of Driving Silliness

kitty-pops-balloon-photoshop-1I’ve been asked to create a list, nothing more, nothing less, and, in a quandary over the vagueness of the request and the breadth of the proposal, I  have decided to focus on ‘Unusual Satisfactions.’ Although I won’t list them here, and save them for the master list, I did come across one the other day that I just had to share, because it felt so damn satisfying. As I was driving through a parking lot, I saw an inflated white balloon right in the middle of the laneway and, lord, wouldn’t you know, I aimed the car right for the beastie and drove over the balloon, causing the balloon to pop with the most incredible gunshot bang that echoed through the lot (I was underground).

Man, I was grinning from ear to ear after this success. So silly and trivial, but so satisfying, and just had to share.




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