People, You Are Not Alone In Feeling Overwhelmed

I came across this blog of somebody who liked one of the poems that I’d posted (thank you, Antony R), and it reminded me of a friend in a similar spot.

People: you aren’t alone, it’s cathartic to share what’s bringing you down, and there are those of us who care and want to help, at least to lend an ear if nothing else.


Mountains to Mats

Well let’s see…  It’s hard for me to describe how I’ve been feeling.  I have so many thoughts bouncing around in my head.  It’s like a thousand voices screaming and I have to figure out what each one is saying (I’m not saying that I hear voices).  I feel so overwhelmed.  I want it all to stop but I don’t know how to make it happen…

I have not been happy for quite a while.  So many things have contributed to this.  I read blogs and social media posts where people say that if you want to be happy, you will be.  That’s fucking bullshit.  I’ve tried to make myself happy.  I sit there and I say to myself, “Hey asshole, be happy!”  It doesn’t work.  I have moments of levity where I think maybe I’m going to be happy, but it doesn’t last.  I’m pretty sure that my wife…

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