Terrible Pick-up Lines (possibly offensive)

A friend recently texted me the following message: Need some of the most atrocious, hilarious pick-up lines you’ve got 😀

The background to this request was that a girl he was chatting to online had challenged him to come up with the worst pick up line… (I like her already!). She threw down the gauntlet with this doozy:

“Do you like dragons? cause I’ll be draggin my balls on your face later.”

My friend parried with these beauties:

“Girl, you should sell hotdogs, because you already know how to make a wiener stand.”

“Want to play Pearl Harbour? I’ll lay back and you blow the shit outta me.”

“Girl,  do you wash your pants with Windex,  because I can see myself in them.”

Feel free to email me to add your own priceless prick-up…er .. pick-up lines.



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