Me Boyo

Juno an' tha' Paycock“Well, me Boyo,”
I says to me lad,
“What are yer thoughts,
An’ what makes ya’ glad?

“When ya’ wake in the morn,
And the perspect’, tis hard,
What’s at hand,
to ease tha’ guard?

“When yer hands are tied,
by things higher than ya’,What’s the ticket
Ta pry it outta Tha’.”

My lad, he says ta me,
“Trust in time,
Tha’s the ticket,
Otherways, a sticky wicket.

“Live by rules,
Set out by sinners,
Life’s na’ made
Fer beginners.

“An’ find someone,
Ta’ hold yer core –
Keep it safe,
not worry anymore.”

My lad, he do be wise,
An’ provide me wi’ sage advise.
But I’ll be the judge of ‘im,
Before I listen,
Ta’ tha’ saucy vixen.


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