Okanagan Peaches (I want you so bad)

I had an Okanagan peach today.http://blogs.msdn.com/mswanson/articles/wallpaper.aspx
Its golden skin awash in velvety fuzz,
A wobbly robin nestled in my palm.
The first bite was ever rapturous,
Golden nectar dripping down my chin,
That I delicately stopped with my index finger,
And lapped up the drop that lay on the tip.
Armed with a tissue,
The second bite was greedily taken.
Juices gushed from the dense sinewy flesh,
And fell to the shorn carpet.
The fruit’s musky fragrance filled my senses,
and embedded itself in my memory.
I finished eating the fruit in a few deep bites.
A bit of summer in my hand,
Quickly disappeared,
Leaving a crinkled pit,
Bereft of its protective cover.


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