The Eagle and the Woman (Part 1, or all that I have at this point)

Far off in the Northern lands, where the sun stays awake in the summer and sleeps in the winter, where the sea marshes spread as far as the eye can see, and the sea gently caresses the land, there lived the Woman and her husband, Eagle.

Many years ago, before the story I am about to tell you takes place, Eagle had been flying outside of his usual territory, far away from the green sea grasses, far away from the deep blue sea. He had flown so far that he had reached the place where the sea marshes turned to grasslands and then to rolling hills and then to steep dark mountains. Tired from having flown so far away from his sea sprung nest, he started to look for a resting area so that he could recover his strength for the journey back home. He entered one green sun-filled valley and it looked so warm and inviting that he circled lower and lower, to find the perfect perch to rest. He realized that what he thought were large boulders were in fact buildings with people living inside of them. In one such building, higher than all the rest, he espied an open window out of which a warm energy flowed. He flew nearer to the open window to see what was inside.

Inside, Eagle saw a room upon whose walls were hung brightly coloured tapestries depicting scenes from ancient stories of love and friendship. On the floor there lay a thick green carpet, and it reminded him of his sea grasses.

He thought to himself: “This is where I shall lay and rest awhile, until my strength recovers” and he flew into the energized room.

As soon as he landed on the floor, Eagle realized that the room was not just filled with fine tapestries and the green carpet but also with a fine white covered bed and objects made of glass, precious metals, and other fineries. Though Eagle had heard of such things as a fledgling, he had only ever seen them in his mind, and to see them in actuality with his own sharp eyes amazed him. He lifted soft cloths and tapped on hard boxes and so looked and learned as much as he could.

Eagle was so engrossed with his curiosity of the wonderful room that he did not hear a door open, nor did he hear delicate footsteps tread on the floor.

“Who are you?” a musical voice asked?

Eagle turned around. “I am Eagle. I come from the place where the sea marsh meets the deep sea, the place where the sun dances in the summer and sleeps in the winter. I have flown for a long time and I was tired. I saw this room and a curious energy coming from it so I thought that this would be a good place to rest and to recover my strength for my journey back home.”

“Do you not know that it is not right to enter an empty room that is not your own?”

“I did not know as my home is my aerie, which is open for all.”

“What a strange habits you have at home!”


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