Consistency in Writing: Proper Nouns

This topic will probably be the theme of the blog for the better part of a while. One thing I keep coming across at work is the need for consistency in what we do. I just had a report sent back for some edits, albeit minor ones, some of which were persKONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAnickety items that were more the whim of the Clerk than grammar/syntax edits, but she had one good catch: the title of the committee about which the report was written was presented in two different formats. Now usually I catch this sort of thing, but as this is a bit of a confessional, I’ll admit that I missed noticing the second format.

Errors happen: never pleasant to have them pointed out (at least they are caught!), and one needs to be gracious enough to admit to them.

When these sorts of things happen,  I do mentally give myself a swift kick in the rear end, as I pride myself on catching (almost) all such lapses of consistency. Such a lapse is the equivalent of missing a period at the end of a paragraph (another lesson once made, quickly learned).

One thing though is not to let any error rue your day, as it could always be worse, and greater organizations than you and yours have made grammatical errors on official documents (and feel free to share any doozies that you have come across using the form below, they are always priceless!).


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