Copy from 2009 for a Local Toyota Dealer in Alberta

My brother asked me to put little vignettes together for a client of his in Alberta, the inspiration of which was some catalogue he’d read about that sold products through stories. Stories help people position themselves close to a product; I always liken the use of stories in marketing to the use of parables in the Bible (not that I’m a Bible thumper but it is a very successful tool from a marketing perspective).

2009 Toyota Venza Custom Ad Alex Hejduk

Here is the ad for the 2009 Toyota Venza:

It had been one of those weekend starts where the kids had decided to get up extra early to make breakfast.

After surveying the no-man’s land in the kitchen, I figured I needed a quick exit to let a tox. squad fix this mess and my sanity.

I had Pierre and Cecile put clean clothes on and put their day packs together.

Salish grabbed the dog, who’d been trying his own fix-job on the kitchen floor, and hauled him into the back of the Venza.


“Check.” Giggles from the back.



“Half a tank of gas, half a pack of chips, it’s overcast, and we’re wearing sunglasses.”

“At least it hides the bags under our eyes!” I whispered.

As we drew near to the Badlands and sunny skies, the kids and the dog had their noses pressed up against the windows. All three started running circles around the car the moment we parked.

As I pulled some spades from out of the back of the car, I asked, “Okay, anyone up for a bit of dinosaur hunting? Front seat reservation on the way home for the first one who finds something!”

By all the yelling and barking, I knew this was definitely the best way to bum a bit of energy in the kids, and to be a bit like kids ourselves!



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